My history
I took my first steps in photography in 1993 with an old Yashica belonging to my father.
Shortly after, already equipped with a new camera, I entered an introductory course to photography in Black and White, with the components of development and enlargement and the passion for photography gained wings.
A year later, I started to collaborate with a local newspaper with a column entitled “Stones with History”, which had the Portuguese Castles as its theme, where in addition to a small history of the castle in question, I presented two photos in black and white.
In 1995, I ranked fourth with a black and white photograph of the Castle of Almourol, in a competition for amateur photographers with a total participation of around 7,000 photos.
It was only in 2005 that I acquired the first digital camera and with it came the first disappointments in photography… The lack of knowledge of almost the entire functioning of the editing programs in a first phase and the lack of time in a subsequent phase gradually led to the fading of interest.
I rediscovered my passion for this art in 2018 and started to dedicate myself to landscape photography combined with photographic travels, which have already taken me to countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, England, Norway, Iceland and Faroé Islands (Denmark)
In 2020 I won the VII edition of the International Mountain Photography Contest, in the category “Mountains in the Ocean Around the World”, with a photograph of the Lofoten Islands in Norway.
Given the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, I now also dedicate myself to macro photography.
But I have my heart in landscape photography and I see in the planning component the bases for a good photography, which I then combine with careful execution and editing. Although in my opinion, each of these components have the same weight among themselves, without good planning we can compromise the final result of the photograph, no matter how well it is executed and edited.

Co-author of books:
Horizontes do Infinito (Vol 1 pp 8 – 17). November 2019: GOD Publishing
O Nosso Olhar no Mundo (Vol 2 pp 32 – 41). February 2020: GOD Publishing

Collective photography exhibition: “NATUREZA, LUGARES E GENTES DO MUNDO”
Afonso Vieira Lopes Library – Leiria – March/April 2020
Collective photography exhibition: “NATUREZA, LUGARES E GENTES DO MUNDIO”
José Lúcio da Silva Theater  – Leiria – June/July 2020

International Mountain Photography Contest VII Edition (2020)
1st place in the category “Mountains in the Ocean Around the World” 
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